Prolific Health is the #1 plant based and natural food and beverage distribution company servicing Florida and moving nationally across the United States.

We practice a standard of excellence and we’re outwardly focused on adding value and supporting our customers. We partner with our customers to grow their business by providing the highest quality of unique grocery items, creating in-store promotions for product slotting, and in some cases in-store sampling! When you choose to work with Prolific Health you get more than just products delivered to your door step, you get a team that is as committed to growing your business as you are!


The development of Prolific Health began in 2015 by founder Tyv Phillips, However the passion for health and fitness was instilled in him since 2008. This passion came from the times he spent taking care of his grandmother. She was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. Tyv would spend time catering and nurturing her to make her comfortable. In 2008 she passed away, and left Tyv with her belief in him that he would be great!

After her passing, Tyv realized that many sicknesses can be prevented by a healthy way of living. As a doctor treats the illness after it has taken affect, Tyv discovered that he too can treat illness by preventing it before it starts with good eating habits and daily exercise.

By 2015 Prolific Health was born and a new way of life took effect, for himself and those around him. With this new thought process, and ways of being Tyv can bring his knowledge and love for life to others.


“Focused on the road ahead!”


Tyv Phillips

CEO & Founder

As the visionary for Prolific Health, Mr. Phillips strongly believes in healing people through healthy nutritious foods. His passion for people helped him to cultivate this company’s purpose into what it is today. With a degree in law he is always drafting and negotiating win-win deals for Prolific Health and their business partners. As a serial entrepreneur Mr. Phillips looks to continue adding value to the economy and building bridges between communities worldwide!

Teneille Chofooklun


With years of experience in operations and logistics, Teneille Chofooklun is constantly striving to enhance the customer’s experience with Prolific Health. She excels in creating an environment to ensure that all their customers’ needs are met. And creating a culture of good ole’ island hospitality and customer service!